Cal Poly Pomona Business Administration

Pomona, California

Owner: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Architect/AHBE Client: AC Martin

AHBE’s landscape design for this project is conceived from three major themes:  site history, site context and the creation of a social meeting place appropriate to the College of Business Administration.

Historically, the site was the original Ornamental Horticulture (OH) plant unit. This reference inspired a design rich in plant diversity as an ongoing legacy to the OH unit of the past.  The site also has a contextual relationship to the campus’ historic Rose Garden. As the building interrupts the radial layout of the historic garden, the geometry of the new garden is continued as an abstract expansion of that classic pattern. Within that context, there are a number of garden elements.  An open area provides informal seating and a courtyard incorporates bioswales and seating scattered amongst a grove of River Birch trees. 

There is a social overlay to the entire outdoor space that is representative of the contemporary business experience. Spaces are created to promote networking and allow for social interaction, all within the beauty of a modern, contemporary garden.