California State University Northridge


Client: CSUN


Founded in 1958, California State University Northridge (CSUN) is a 356-acre campus located in a city northwest of downtown Los Angeles.  AHBE has been working with CSUN on a variety of campus improvement projects since 1998.  For the new Art and Design Center, AHBE designed courtyards that provided spaces for gallery openings, outdoor classrooms, and other gatherings. The Oviatt Library and Quad was designed with terraced seating, a formal lawn area for graduation ceremonies and sheltered gardens for receptions and casual meetings.   The landscape design for a new multi-unit residence physically connects the complex to the campus and provides an additional venue for campus events.  Having completed over a dozen projects for CSUN, AHBE has successfully collaborated with CSUN in its response to the new demands of it diverse and growing student population.  Projects have included:
  • Arts & Design Center
  • Arts, Media, and Communication Quad
  • Health and Human Development Building
  • Oviatt Library Lawn and Grand Stair
  • Quad & Matador Square
  • Student Housing
  • Student Union Building