Cedars Sinai Plaza Healing Gardens

Los Angeles, California

Client: Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Photo Credit: ©Heliphoto

AHBE approached the design of this project as a healing environment for patients, the hospital staff who care for them, and the patients’ families and friends. The plaza gardens promotes a positive experience between people and the natural environment. Each garden is designed in response to the environmental conditions of the site to determine how the gardens can be shaped and organized for visitors' comfort. 

A series of “portable gardens” compose the landscape. 

  • The “Plaza Garden” will function as an outdoor cafe for an adjacent restaurant as well as a large courtyard space for tented receptions and events.This garden is intended as a flexible event space with moveable or convertible furniture. 
  • The “Garden of Whimsy”, a terrace on the south side of North Tower, will have a playful character intended to lift and transform the human spirit. 
  • The “Blue Garden”, which is located on the north side of the South Tower, is a counterpoint to the Garden of Whimsy. This garden is about coolness and calmness. 
  • The “Foyer Garden” is located along the busy north-south passage between the garden terraces and tower lobbies. This garden serves as a threshold, transitioning visitors and patients between the hospital and the healing gardens.