Kaiser Kraemer Radiation Oncology Center

Anaheim, CA

Kaiser Kraemer is a 16,000 sq. ft., single-story medical facility for the treatment and care of cancer patients. Designed by Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design and its consultant team, the center serves as a gateway to a new Kaiser Permanente healthcare campus. The overall design considers Nature as a an integral part of the healing process and it is featured throughout the project:  in the building's tree-patterned glass facade, its use of natural light, and the AHBE-designed landscape. Each treatment area has a glass wall which opens onto a zen garden and the surrounding landscape of native California grasses adds to the facility's peaceful quality.  

Completed in 2015, the Kaiser Kraemer Radiation Oncology Center has received multiple design awards, including the AIA National 2016 Healthcare Design Award, the AIA Los Angeles Chapter 2017 Committee on the Environment (COTE) Award, and the AIA Orange County Chapter 2017 Design Award. 

The project achieved LEED Gold certification. 

Photography: Bruce Damonte