Scottsdale Eldorado Park Pool

Scottsdale, Arizona

Client: Scottsdale Cultural Council
Artists: Calvin Abe and Sylvia Tidwell 

Pursuant to a contract with the City of Scottsdale, the Scottsdale Cultural Council implemented a public art program that allocated funds for the establishment of artwork in public places. Artist Sylvia Tidwell partnered with landscape architect and AHBE founder, Calvin Abe, to develop design concepts for public art on the Eldorado Park Pool Renovation. Mr. Abe and Ms. Tidwell designed, provided aesthetic and design recommendations, as well as technical information and detailed drawings for the project. As desired by the Scottsdale Cultural Council, the Artists provide solutions that are integral and complementary to the design of the pool facility and surrounding area. The final art is community referential and demonstrates a commitment to design integrity and functionality. Thematic and aesthetic development was responsive to but not dictated by the interests, concerns, and values identified in the public input process.