So What?

Culver City, CA

Designed and Curated by AHBE Landscape Architects

"So What?", a three-part art installation, used recycled paper as the principal material. "So What?" first began as small art interventions inside AHBE's studio and culminated into a larger exhibit at a Los Angeles area gallery. In the series' final installation, visitors wandered through an abstract forest comprised of towering columns of shredded paper. Each column measured 4 feet wide by 9 feet high. As visitors walked among the towers or rested on columns placed on their sides like fallen trees, they glimpsed remnants of architectural drawings, newspapers, magazines, and product catalogs - materials which are vital to our design work. These towers of recycled paper point to design firms' challenge in managing the immense amount of material we use while we look for sustainable solutions in our design practice. At the end of each installation, we deconstructed the art and returned the materials to the recycling process.    

AHBE received an American Society of Landscape Architect's 2008 Communications Honor Award for the installation series.