Stoneview Nature Center

Culver City, California

Client: Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Works 

Architect: EYRC Architects 

General Contractor: Ledcor Group 

Credits: Photographs by ©Paul Turang and Calvin Abe. Renderings by AHBE

AHBE collaborated with the Design-Build team of EYRC Architects and Ledcor Group to transform a brownfield site into a public garden and community center for healthy living. Stoneview Nature Center is an environmental center and urban sanctuary where people can connect with nature, learn about healthy eating, engage in yoga and other exercise, and participate in site-specific art events.

The park is nestled between two popular recreational open spaces: the Baldwin Hills Overlook and Kenneth Hahn State Park. It is also a key node in the “Park to Playa Trail”, a planned corridor that will eventually connect state, county, and city parks into a continuous trail from Playa Del Rey to Baldwin Hills.

A new community building provides a multi-purpose room and an observation deck with panoramic views of Los Angeles. The building opens to an outdoor room with a demonstration kitchen and an oversized communal table where visitors gather for cooking and other demonstrations. The community center is surrounded by theme gardens that continue a narrative about lifestyle shifts toward sustainability, health, and wellness. AHBE’s landscape design has two main elements: a Mediterranean garden designed around the building and a native grass meadow surrounded by a loop trail called Pollination Walk. The landscape also serves as public art. In collaboration with the artist group, Fallen Fruit, the landscape includes 7 edible gardens. which focus on the area’s agriculture history (e.g., citrus, avocado, figs, berries). Wayfinding signs and educational interpretive graphics, designed by Omnivore, are located throughout the site and support a narrative about health, wellness, and local agricultural history.