Walnut Creek Open Space Master Plan


Client: Watershed Conservation Authority


Located within the residential community of San Dimas, adjacent to existing regional recreational resources and within proximity to valuable environmental resources, the Walnut Creek Habitat and Open Space master plan project transforms a vacant parcel of land into a highly valuable open space that benefits the local social and environmental communities. Ecologically, the existing site is home to patches of native Californian vegetation communities, including Coastal Sage Scrub, Black Walnut and Coast Live Oak Woodland. These resources, in combination with the other vegetated areas, create a wildlife habitat for common species of amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds. The proposed master plan preserves, adds and enriches the existing vegetative communities on site as a priority. This will not only be seen site amenities, but also as a contribution to the larger regional ecological well-being.  Currently, we are obtaining feedback from the community members and stakeholders to ensure that the design and program expected are included within the final master plan.  A series of workshops will continue until early 2012.