Westfield Santa Anita Mall Promenade


AHBE worked closely with the design team at Westfield Corporation to create a new open-air shopping environment for one of Westfield’s existing Southern California malls.  The promenade’s design demonstrates how landscapes can be multi-functional, combining commerce and retail with social gathering, community building, and, even, health.  Maps located throughout the promenade, for example, show a designated route with distance indicators for people who use the promenade’s circulation loop for exercise. Providing more than just a lifestyle aesthetic, this project also educates the public about natural systems through plantings, water features, and other elements. The central court water feature is biologically balanced, with no chemicals added to its filtration systems. Micro ecologies exist within this system and promote the biological cycle through specific plant material, fish, and insects.  In addition, elements of wood, stone, steel, and aggregate concrete support a design that celebrates the region's rich art and architectural history.